Includes Unlimited classes for 7 days!

Let’s get Summer Sexy and Strong starting with just 7 days woot woot! This challenge is for people who want to push themselves to stick to a specific meal plan and workouts and level up just in time for summer. If you need to get focused…if you have been saying you need to drop the body fat …if you know you just need to do something to kick start your fat loss joinery… this is 7 days SUMMER SHRED is for you! 

  •  gBrand new 7 day detailed meal guide  (one I used to drop 7 pounds in 7 days)
  • LIVE workouts with me x 3 day per day and on-demand if you miss a workout
  • + Daily motivation as I am working out with you and eating the exact food on this plan
  • Chance to WIN: Person who tracks all food, and loses the most will be entered to get an exclusive new WOOT WOOT tank top – FREE\
  • *online only FACETIME phone call to set goal and motivate you for the challenege 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED + Requirements : 

  • Download My FITNESS PAL App to track all food
  • Purchase Body fat scale ( or regular scale)
  • Set of light to med dumbbells
  • A positive WOOT WOOT attitude! lol 😉 

 MEALS PREPPED Bonus: If you are in Ventura county – all meals will be prepped by Macs meals for the week and you will get a 30% for first time clients- NOTE you do NOT need to order food to participate in challenge. is who I use for my meal prep. You can easily make all the food on the challenge at home in your kitchen.