*Brand new 7 day detailed meal guide  (one I used to drop 7 pounds (well – 6.2) in 7 days and still going ) learn to add new options every week 


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Add On To Any *in-studio package includes  2 weigh-ins (start and finish, 4 weigh -in if you purchase 2 week) 


EQUIPMENT NEEDED + Requirements : 

Download My FITNESS PAL App to track all food

Purchase Body fat scale ( or regular scale) 

Set of light to med dumbbells 

A positive WOOT WOOT attitude! lol 😉 


NOTE : if you live in VENTURA County:  FOOD PREPPED Bonus: If you are in Ventura county – all meals will be prepped by Macs meals for the week and you will get a 20% for first time clients 


 – NOTE you do NOT need to order food to participate in challenge. is who I use for my meal prep. (MUST ORDER BY FRIDAY 1PM) You can easily make all the food on the challenge at home in your kitchen